Fitness Motivation
Stay Motivated When It Isn’t Summer


When gearing up for summer, workout motivation is typically at an all-time high. We’re surrounded by ads flaunting “bikini bodies” and beach workouts, and warmer temperatures bring more participation in outdoor activities. But, all of this goes away when Labor Day makes its debut. This can make it more challenging to stay motivated in your fitness goals, but fitness is important year-round, regardless of the season. Fitness is an important part of your physical and mental health, so here are a few ways to help yourself stay motivated when temperatures drop.

  1. Come Up With a New Goal

If you’ve been working toward the same fitness goal for a while – such as becoming a stronger swimmer or having more ab definition – it can be difficult to stay excited about working toward that goal. When you find yourself feeling uninspired to workout, or bored with your workouts, establishing a new goal to work towards can re-spark your exercise inspiration. We recommend setting a goal that’s measurable and specific, and breaking down that goal into manageable steps, to keep you on the right track!

  1. Look for Outdoor Activities – Even in the Cold

Fall, winter, and spring activities can be just as fun as those in the summer – you just need a few extra layers! Skiing, ice skating, sledding, hiking, and cycling are all rewarding and fun ways to stay active and exercise without feeling like it. 

  1. Focus on Non-aesthetic Benefits

With more clothes piled on in cooler months, focusing on the aesthetic benefits of working out might leave some people feeling unmotivated until summer approaches again. There are an innumerable amount of physical and mental benefits that come from working out, and these benefits are why NouFlex was founded, to begin with! Working out and eating well will improve your health, boost your mood, help you feel energetic, get you feeling strong, and prevent injury, among many other things. Reminding yourself about these important benefits can help keep that motivation high in the winter.

  1. Buddy Up!

Make a pact with a friend or family member to work out together once or twice a week! Having a companion who keeps you accountable will help you consistently work out, feel proud of your work, and have fun in the midst of squats! 

Get Moving!

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