Benefits of Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands

When placed next to a rack of dumbbells, resistance bands might not seem all that impressive. At first glance, they’re light, they’re simple, and they stretch – they’re nothing like the heavy metal weights that we associate with building strength. Resistance bands, though, actually have many advantages over free weights when it comes to strength-training. Not only are they a great way to build muscle size and strength, stability, and a better metabolism, but they provide so many other benefits that you can’t get with dumbbells and barbells alone. This is why the NouFlex Training System is solely based on resistance bands. We know that they’re all you need to gain strength, balance, flexibility, stability, and aesthetic goals. Check out the advantages of using resistance bands below:


1. Work Every Muscle

Resistance bands are just like free weights, in that they allow you to do total-body strength training. Want to work your shoulders? Do shoulder raises. Want to hit your glutes, quads, and hamstrings? Hold the bands at your shoulders to squat. Want a total-body movement? Perform a lunge to shoulder press. The exercise options are endless with resistance bands, and you don’t need a whole rack of heavy and expensive dumbbells to do them. 

2. Prevent Cheating

When you perform exercises with a dumbbell, it can be easy to use momentum to move the weight, rather than muscle contractions – especially when you get tired. Bicep curls can easily turn into just swinging the weight with your arms, for example. With resistance bands, there is no “weight.” Instead, resistance is created by the stretching of the band. This takes momentum out of the equation and ensures that every exercise you perform is all up to your muscles putting in the work. 

3. Constant Tension

Performing exercises with resistance bands keeps tension on your muscle at all points of the movement. Let’s look at a simple bicep curl as an example. You’ll have tension in the band as you bring the handle up, pause at the top, and bring it down. On the other hand, if you do a bicep curl with a dumbbell, there is basically no tension on the muscle at the top of the movement. In short, resistance bands will keep a constant strength-building tension on your muscles that you can’t achieve another way.

4. Multiple Planes of Movement

Another perk of resistance bands? You don’t need to rely on gravity. Free weights like dumbbells or barbells have to be moved vertically to create resistance. Resistance bands can be used horizontally, opening you up to many more exercises. For example, resistance bands can allow you to do rotational core exercises, standing chest flies, or rear delt pulls. 

5. Safety

Resistance bands are a safer way to do resistance training. You are in control of the movement at all points, and there is no risk of dropping heavy weights onto your toes. Because they don’t allow you to use momentum, you’re forced to have better form and take it easier on your joints.

6. Convenience

Resistance bands, like those in the NouFlex Training System, are light, portable, and much more affordable than a rack of dumbbells or a barbell setup. They can be taken on vacation, used in any room, and are a cost-effective way to perform home workouts.