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We know that you want the freedom and flexibility to train fitness clients through virtual workouts. But the problem is that knowing where to start can be confusing and exhausting. That’s why we offer NouFlex partnerships because we believe that training your clients or gym members remotely should be easy and stress-free.

We're Changing the Game

COVID is changing the way that people work out, permanently. This is a low-cost solution to get in on the virtual, on-demand, fitness trend that is only going to get bigger! You can be in charge of your own success when you partner with NouFlex.

The Plan

We will guide and empower you to be able to run your own successful virtual training program with NouFlex.

Our light-weight resistance equipment is all you need to get started training your clients. Perform over 200+ different types of exercises with the NouFlex Training System.

All NouFlex trainers must attend one of our virtual certification classes in which we will guide you in the right direction to build your fitness empire.

Start building your client list and teaching personal or group fitness classes online. How successful your classes are is totally up to you!



Longfellow Health Club
Longfellow Health Club Myke

Coach Kenji is fantastic: well organized in his approach to our time together, great motivator, very knowledgeable, and individualized our work-outs. I can't say enough how much we have enjoyed with Coach Kenji!


    When you partner with NouFlex you receive a complimentary certification course, access to our on-demand fitness videos and creative asset library.

    For every class you teach, you get to take home 80% of the profits.

    Although clients will get the most out of their workouts with a NouFlex Training System, most classes can be taught using no equipment or substitute their own equipment.

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