Jessica Maldonado is a mother of two young children, ages 22 months and 5 years old. She enjoys doing various outdoor activities with her family, including hiking, biking, family walks, kayaking, and paddleboarding. She loves reading self-help/motivational books and baking in her free time. 

Her passion for fitness started after high school with running 5k, 10k,  and a couple half marathon races. She soon developed a love for weight and bodyweight training. When she designs workouts, she always incorporates 3 elements - strength, cardio, and core - for a well-rounded total body experience. And, of course, she loves making workouts fun! She believes that we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously and that it’s okay to laugh at ourselves during a workout. For her, in order to make a real life change and stick with working out, you need to enjoy your workout and look forward to doing it.