Camila Vieira is a NOUFLEX Virtual Trainer, a certified Fitness trainer and Nutrition coach through The International Sports Science Association (ISSA). She is specialized in weight-loss, muscle-building and building a healthy lifestyle. She trains her clients through online and in-person approaches. 

Camila started her fitness journey when she was 7 years old with in-home exercises, and she never stopped. Spreading a healthy lifestyle is her motto and she is passionate about helping her clients to meet their goals. 

In August 2018, her fitness journey got even more serious and she became a Worldwide champion athlete - Diva Fitness WBFF. Then she decided to go deeper in her career as a trainer and nutritionist. 

Chronological Order:

1996 : Started to workout at home.

2005 - 2010 : Joined to martial arts classes.

2010 - 2012: Joined Brazilian Navy , became running athlete, president of the Endurance Team and military instructor .

2013 - 2019: Joined to the Merchant Navy, became Bodybuilder - training with minimal equipment onboard.

2015: Garota Fitness (Fitness Girl) Brazil Contest.

2016: Became Trainer and nutrition advisor.

2018 - Worldwide Champion Diva Fitness - WBFF Las Vegas/ US. 

2019 - Moved to Canada and started her own business as a certified trainer and nutrition coach.